These types of baby names are more popular than ever before

Picking a cool, yet fitting name for your child is no small task. After all, they will be living with the moniker for their entire lives. That is, if they choose not to legally change it at any point. To save yourself (and your child) any potential heartache later, we have a list of the hottest trends in baby names of the decade to share. Whether you’re a trendsetter, or more of a follower, it’s totally worth evaluating this current baby name guide.

Today, names that start with an “Ad” or end in a “lee” are amongst the most popular baby names according to Nameberry. So bumping into a ton of kids named Kinsley, Bentley or even Addelyn are more likely to happen in 2017 than it would in the 1950s.

Speaking of the ’50s, coming across a ton of Jennifers or Jasons was more likely to happen then than it would today. In fact, kids today are more likely to be christened with a superlative moniker instead. Not following what we mean? Well, names like Legend, Royalty and King are taking over. And they’re growing more and more popular by the day.

Also on the list of popular baby names are celebrity surnames!

These days, naming your baby Lennon, Monroe or Hendrix is taking the world by storm. And we think that this is a trend that should totally stick around. After all, paying homage to the most legendary stars is setting your kid up to be the coolest kid ever.

Along those same lines, giving your kid the first name of famous celebs is also pretty popular. Isla, as in Isla Fisher, and Bristol, as in Bristol Palin, are pretty high on the list. And, Scarlett, as in Ms. Johanssen, and Kylie, as in Jenner or Minogue — which also falls in the “lee” category” — are gaining momentum as well.

Bottom line: The kids born this decade are trendsetters, and we’re totally on board.