15 baby names for those whose hearts beat in the name of Halloween

One of the most difficult decisions you will ever make is, of course, deciding what to name your kid! It’s something they’re obviously going to have to live with their whole life – which is why  it can be incredibly difficult to find something meaningful to you, unique, and not too far out there (because you don’t want them to resent you until they’re eighteen and can legally change it). It’s easy to browse lists of popular names, but finding something that suits you and your values, as much as it suits your actual child, can be challenging.

If you’re a total Halloween lover (like us, hellooooo) the idea of picking a name to commemorate a time of year you love might be wonderfully appealing — so here are our top fifteen favorite Halloweenesque names for babies (or, y’know, pets. We won’t judge. Goldfish deserve names, too.)

1. Wednesday

In honor of everybody’s favorite creepy, kooky Addams Family member, obviously.


2. Autumn

Not to be too on the nose, but it is a beautiful name AND the season Halloween takes place in.

3. Raven

Nevermore wonder what name you’re going to pick — this Edgar Allan Poe inspired moniker will do the job nicely.

4. Matilda

While not altogether Halloweeny, Matilda could definitely be considered a witch, and we think her particular brand of magic is a great one to pass onto your kid.


5. Cat

Bit obvious, but always timely and cute.

6. Luna

Not just in honor of Harry Potter‘s Luna Lovegood, but ‘Luna’ is also a reference to the moon.

7. Rune

Derived from Old Norse rún meaning “secret lore,” Rune is a unique and mysterious name for a boy (or girl!).

8. Willow

Another witch from beloved media, Willow Rosenberg is one powerful wicca.


9. Salem

While you might not want to name your kid after a town with such a checkered past, present-day Salem is a vibrant, totally adorable place that throws a helluva Halloween bash.

10. Jack

Whether you’re thinking jack o’ lantern or Jack, the Pumpkin King, you can’t go wrong with this classic.


11. Damien

You may or may not want to jinx yourself by naming your kid after the antichrist, but it’s definitely in the spirit of the saeson…

12. Agatha

Queen of murder mysteries, naming your daughter after Agatha Christie (or even Aggie Cromwell from Halloweentown…) is definitely a good direction to head in.

13. Casper



14. Peter

Peter Venkman is a much-beloved character from the original Ghostbusters.

15. Marnie

Marnie Piper, aka our favorite witch from our favorite DCOM and our #1 pick for a Halloween-inspired name that’s unique but not TOO out there.


We SUPER agree.

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