A few baby names the Internet would like to submit to Kim and Kanye

There’s a brand new baby on the planet and we’re already obsessed with it. For clarification, were obsessed with all babies, because babies. But Kim and Kanye’s new little one already has a pretty strong following. At barely three days old, the little one has already taken the world by storm. And he doesn’t even have a name yet.

Currently, the new tot is known as simply “Baby West” (or for us, Baby Kimye). So now is the time to make our offerings to the suggestion box of baby names.

According to reports, the two are thinking of “Robert” for the baby’s middle name, in honor of Kim’s late father. As for his first name? That’s where the Internet is stepping in. Since Kim and Kanye are probably really busy doting over their new baby, social media is ripe with suggestions for the child’s name.

The new baby trend is Instagram filters for first names, but that’s already like, soooo a week ago. Here are some other pretty good suggestions, according to the Internet. And yes, we’ve all heard the “South West” joke by now.

Nice work, Twitter. But will any of these be the chosen one? My dad — in true dad joke fashion — keeps referring to the baby as North by North West, because that gets the LOLZ from him every time. As for me, I don’t understand why no one has made any American Tail jokes yet! How about Fievel? Fievel (goes) West has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Somewhere out there, there’s a perfect baby name for li’l Kimye.

So sit tight, everyone. Hopefully the baby’s official name is forthcoming.

(Image via Shutterstock)