How did we forget that baby Michael Cera once appeared in a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie?

Back in the day, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen pretty much dominated the teen and tween market with their many varied product lines — from bedroom furniture to toothpaste (seriously!) and everything in between — the twin titans were too famous for words. But what most people remember them by are their direct-to-video movies and TV specials, which were always fun and fabulous.

One such movie — Switching Goals — featured the girls as sisters who switch places (in a pretty problematic story line) because one twin is a “tomboy” and therefore great at sports while the other is a “girlie girl” who likes boys and makeup… but their soccer coach dad wants to ensure that his team wins by having the more athletic twin on the team. Yeah, as an adult, it’s a pretty obviously awful plot… but that’s an issue for another day.


Switching Goals was also notable for having the most amazing “before-they-were-famous” celebrity cameo of all time.

Yep, move over Megan Fox — we are living for baby Michael Cera as a very sassy customer in a shoe store.


Yep, before he won our hearts in Arrested DevelopmentJuno and Superbad, Michael was merely a child actor taking small roles in movies like Switching Goals where he made one shoe salesman’s day a nightmare, tbh. Check out his adorable cameo.

That voice! That hair! That baby ‘tude! We are *melting* on the floor.

Of course, nowadays Michael is a pretty big deal ~celeb~ with no fewer than four movies already in the pipeline for 2017, and it’s totally adorable to know that one of his earliest roles was in one of our childhood faves.


He most recently lent his voice to pal Seth Rogen’s Sausage Party and will next appear in Human People. He also wrote and produced his debut album, true that, which was released in 2014.

Best of all though? He literally hasn’t changed a bit. So cute.