This is the moment a newborn baby met her great-grandmother—and it is exquisite

Odds are, you’ve probably seen the video that went totally viral this year featuring an ultrasound of a baby in the womb clapping along to her parents singing. (According to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, fetuses can make gestures that look like clapping in the womb — but the video was probably edited in some way.) Now, that same baby — who has since been delivered — is going viral again. However, this time, it’s for a very different reason.

Last Friday, Washington mother Jennifer Martin gave birth to her very first child: Penelope (“Pip”) Rose Martin. She and her husband, Scott, had been trying to conceive for three years before they finally were graced with little Pip.

Two days ago, Scott posted a picture on Reddit taken with his smartphone featuring his baby girl just two days after her birth. In the picture, she’s meeting Scott’s 92-year-old grandmother, Millie Martin, for the very first time. “My [92-year-old] grandmother meeting my 2 day old daughter for the first time,” he wrote in the caption. “Life comes and goes, but it’s always beautiful.”

The image has gone viral since Scott posted it to Reddit, with over 1.7 million views and counting. “It was a really special moment,” Jennifer told ABC News. “[Millie] kept her in her lap for close to an hour.”

Mille, whom Scott calls “the first love of [his] life,” suffers from congenital heart failure and is bedridden, though she is still “as sharp as ever,” according to Scott. “We’d been sitting talking with Millie and finally Penelope woke up,” Jennifer told ABC News. “They just sat and talked and looked at each other for a few minutes.” It’s so clear that these two are feeling so much just gazing into each others’ eyes.

“She was in love from the moment they saw each other,” Scott told Huffington Post. “Pip had just had a diaper change, so she woke up and was wide eyed for a bit.”

Millie is a retired teacher whose husband passed away about two months ago. She’s the mother of Scott’s father, and she took care of Scott during much of the first year of his life. “We’ve gotten even a lot closer in the last decade,” Scott told ABC News.

“I think my grandmother here has been holding on for this moment,” Scott commented on Reddit. “This was one of the best days of my life [and] I think it was up there for her, too.”

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