This baby met his dad’s identical twin, could not deal

Meeting the identical twin of someone you know and love for the first time can be trippy for adult humans, but when it happens to baby humans, it completely blows their minds. And it’s adorable to watch.

When 16-month-old Reed Ratpojanakul saw his dad Stephen Ratpojanakul and Stephen’s identical twin brother in the same room together, he couldn’t figure out which one of them was his dad. Because they’re identical, and that’s confusing.

According to MetroUncle Michael came over to babysit Reed when the confusion happened. Reed kept calling each of the men “dada,” not quite getting that his dad didn’t multiply.

“Reed isn’t used to me wearing glasses and, in his confusion, he kept reaching back and forth between me and Michael,” Stephen told BuzzFeed News.

To make matters even trickier for baby Reed, his mom Carroll also is an identical twin. But according to Stephen, Reed never confuses his mom. “No matter how identical they are, a baby always knows his mama,” Stephen said.

That’s a lot of people who look exactly alike in one family, so it’s not surprising that the baby gets confused every now and then.

Here’s Reed and his adorable confusion: