Baby meets his mom’s twin annnnd yeah. It’s adorable.

If you need a reminder of how adorable and smart and heart-warming babies are, just take a look at 10-month-old Felix as he meets his mom’s twin for the first time. His reaction is completely priceless and, well, just makes us wish we felt this amazed in our own lives all. of. the. time.

At first Felix is psyched to see another mommy come through the door, but as his aunt Steph holds him and chats him up, he starts to get more and more leery. With those charming wide eyes and half grin, you can see Felix trying to figure out what the heck is happening and then becoming increasingly confused as his mommy and aunt stand next to one another.

You have to give it to the little guy; he kept his cool through the whole encounter and mostly smiled through the whole thing.

FYI, Felix was born in Lithuania, but his family brought him to Canada to meet the rest of the clan, including Aunt Steph. As his dad films the encounter, you can see Felix cycling through all the feelings one might have when seeing a copy of their mommy next to their actual mommy.

Watch Felix move through being excited, then mesmerized, and then just downright confused. We can’t really blame him, the whole concept of twins is trippy. Now, let’s take a gander at Felix’s cute little moment in the spotlight.

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