So now we know, newborn leopard quadruplets are the cutest creatures ever

Hey, do you wanna see some pictures of tiny little baby leopards? Obviously, the answer yes, because the answer is always yes because the world should always be filled with tiny, little baby animals. These newborn leopards were just born at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington and they are already too much cuteness to handle.

The four cloud leopard babies were born to mother Chai Li and father Nah Funon and, according to Buzzfeed, they’re doing quite well. They haven’t yet opened their eyes, which kinda makes them 15x more squee. The zoo has also not determined their genders yet (because they’re so tiny) and they won’t be seen by the public (aside from photos) for a month or so. They’ve go to get big and strong before they deal with all the attention from visitors.

Looking at these pictures is one form of cuteness overload, but if you want extreme cuteness, the zoo has released a video of the little guys. It’s basically 30 seconds of the little ones pawing at things and being fed by a bottle, and it’s guaranteed to make your day a million times better. Check it out below:

Images via here.