Listen to this baby laugh uncontrollably. C’mon, you deserve it.

Laughter is the best medicine, and when we think of that age-old saying, we’re probably thinking of ways to make ourselves laugh. Sometimes, though, just hearing someone else laugh is enough, especially if that someone else is an adorable little baby.

TBH, is there anything better than a baby that’s laughing? Babies have yet to learn inhibitions, so they laugh with their whole body, and it’s a delight to watch. We can’t think of a single Netflix comedy special that rivals the feeling.

In this vide, a dad records his efforts to get his child to call him papa. As he adorably tries, again and again, she is not having it. She’s too busy giggling instead. Insert all the emoji heart eyes here.

This is sure to cheer you up if you’re having bad day, a hellish week, or a rough year. In fact, even if you’re having an awesome day, this will still somehow make it better. If you need more babies laughing in your life, Pixable also put together a supercut of babies laughing uncontrollably. Because Internet.

(Image via YouTube)