This baby horse cuddling is definitely the cutest thing you’ll see today

Can we all just agree that cuddling is the best thing ever? Yeah? Good, we’re all on the same page. Snuggling up with someone you love is amazing, and getting cozy with a furry friend might even be better. (Mainly because they’re softer than humans and all you need to do to earn their love is bribe them with a snack.) But when it comes to amazing animal cuddles, we usually think of our favorite kittens and puppies laying with us on the couch. But what about other four-legged friends? Like horses? No, this isn’t a joke. By the end of this post, you’re going to see that baby horse cuddling might just be the best kind of cuddling out there.

One baby horse in Morristown, FL is determined to show that horses can nuzzle and hug like any other pet. This friendly filly lives at the Rapid Run Training Center, and she couldn’t contain herself when she saw her BFF Sunny Bayne approaching. She immediately showers Sunny in horsey hugs and loving licks. Sunny can’t stop smiling and giggling, and honestly who could blame her? At one point, Sunny is simply overcome with emotion and exclaims, “This is the best day of my life!” Watch the video below and experience this little horse’s insane level of cuteness.

After watching that video, we completely understand why Sunny had the best day ever. Getting snuggled by an adorable filly would definitely make our list of most awesome things to ever happen. Even just watching the video is making us smile from ear-to-ear. This baby horse cuddlefest is the perfect thing to brighten up any boring weekday.

(Image via here).

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