This baby is holding a peace sign in her ultrasound, which is incredible

Growing a baby is weird and cool and weird. Like, you’re growing an actual human person inside your uterus who will eventually come out with his or her own personality. One woman already got a glimpse into her baby’s personality when she gave a peace sign in her first ultrasound photo. A literal peace sign, you guys.

The baby clearly knows the state of the world right now, so she’s obviously hoping things settle down before she arrives.

Houston, Texas-based blogger Ana Craft, of Loving Clairefully received the sweetest greeting from her unborn daughter during her 20-week ultrasound.

While watching baby Karis Olivia on the monitor, Craft and her husband Brian saw their daughter form her tiny hand into what looked like the most perfect peace sign. For a baby who weighs less than one pound, and hasn’t even taken her first breath of air, throwing up a peace sign seems like a very sophisticated move.

But when you know what you stand for, you just go with it — no matter how old you are.

So of course Craft posted the image to Instagram. Wouldn’t you??

"Had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday," Craft wrote. "Karis decided to show us a little humor by tossing up a peace sign during the ultrasound ✌🏼 #yesthisismychild #peacesign #karisolivia #hippiegirl #ultrasoundpic #bestpicever #babygirl #firstpic"

“It was all smiles around the room as the ultrasound technician called in all the nurses and staff to view the photo,” Craft told WomansDay. “As a parent, you pray for a healthy baby. With Karis Olivia, we may also be getting quite the personality.”

Adorable. ❤️