This baby hippo suckling in her sleep proves that food dreams are the best dreams

Let’s discuss a couple of our favorite things: food and baby animals. So, have you ever eaten a meal so delicious that the aroma and taste of it make a reappearance in your dreams? On the off chance that you have not, here’s a baby hippo suckling in her sleep, proving that food dreams are the bets kind to have.

If the close-up view of this precious hippopotamus’ snout looks familiar to you, that’s because it belongs to 9-month-old hippo calf Fiona, who we’ve previously seen sipping milk from a bottle and taking her first wobbly steps at her home in The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, where she was born six weeks premature back in January.

Since then, we’ve watched her reach one milestone after the other, and by the looks of things she’s developing into a strong, healthy hippo, thanks to round-the-clock care and plenty of beauty rest.

OMG, our hearts! What we wouldn’t trade in to have a baby hippo in our lives. Unfortunately, we’re running short on storage space at the moment, so we’ll just have to settle for these updates that the Cincinnati zoo so graciously provides.

Ever since we first heard about her, we’ve been #TeamFiona. One look at this whiskered face and we became instant fans.

Apparently, Fiona can now suckle in and out of water and is steadily gaining weight, which is excellent news especially considering the hippo calf was unable to nurse from her mom or stand on her own at the time of her birth.

So cute it hurts. We are thrilled to see Fiona blossoming and are excited to keep track of her continued progress.