This baby’s hilarious reaction to its own fart is all of us

Despite the fact that we’re all attempting to be functioning adults in society, it’s almost universally accepted that we never really grow up. From being a baby, to our childhood, and then our teens, we never really shake off the uncertainty, the excitement, and the immaturity of those formative years. That’s why when we saw this video we were DYING with laughter.

This is Mareto. He’s ONE cute baby.

Mareto is 2 months old and lives in Japan, and his parents,Hirohito and Eri, love taking cute snaps of him.


One of the things about always having a camera ready to snap your little one is that you can capture some seriously hilarious (but adorable) videos and pictures.

This is something that Hirohito and Eri learned after catching this hilarious moment of Mareto surprising himself with his own fart.

At first, things seem all hunky dory, before Mareto let’s out a huge one. He seemingly doesn’t quite understand what’s occurred, before he starts to laugh at himself. It’s hands down the most adorable thing we’ve seen in AGES.

Writing on Twitter, Mareto’s father, Hirohito, said, ““My son is surprised by the sound of his own fart.” 

The video has had, at the time of writing, over 11,000 re-tweets.

In fact, Mareto is a baby with a face that pulls hilarious expressions.

Here he is swimming… false

We know it’s childish to laugh at fart jokes and noises, but sometimes we just can’t help it, especially when it’s this cute. We kinda relate, tbh.

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