Baby hedgehogs sneezing annnnnd we’re crying

Few things are as cute as when a baby animal sneezes. But then we were gifted with this incredible video of not one but THREE baby hedgehogs sneezing, and our lives have now changed for the adorable.

Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead, Surrey, over in the UK has given us the video we all need on this Wednesday. These three tiny hoglets (you guys! hoglets!) getting a check up is giving us life!

These little guys were found abandoned in a shed, where they had been born about 24 hours earlier. Their mother left them, most likely due to a disturbance that made her run away. Thankfully, these babies were found and brought to Wildlife Aid, where they have been taken care of by experts ever since.

In the video, they are taken out of a glove, where they were keeping warm, and given a good check-up and feeding. But the best part is how sneezy these adorable dudes are — each sneeze sounds like a faint squeak!

If you’re wondering about the nail polish, you are not alone. So were a lot of YouTube commenters who were concerned it might be harmful for these little guys. Wildlife Aid responded and has set our hearts at ease explaining that the nail polish is used to tell the hoglets apart and that, they only paint the hedgehogs spines, “which are made of keratine, like our nails and hair, so it’s safe.” Great! 

With that in mind, we will enjoy these baby hedgehog sneezes with clear minds and hearts.

Keep the videos coming, Wildlife Aid! We can’t get enough of these sweet hoglets.

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