This baby hates avocados, proves babies hating avocados are adorbs

Today in Things That Are Ridiculously Funny: Oh, just this baby whose parents decided to experiment with the sorcery that is mashed avocados for lunch. Instead of being delighted with a bowl of avocados (I mean, this is like my dream, guys), she’s clearly filled with dread and disgust. With each baby spoonful, this little cutie scrunches up her face as though she’s being tortured. TORTURED. Her parents try really hard because they read avocados are really good for the brain. Her mom tries to mitigate the avocado drama by suggesting to mash it up with some banana (her dad points out that banana would make it taste even weirder, but I totally disagree).

The clip is LOL-worthy, but it’s also confusing. I actually didn’t know a human could be CAPABLE of hating avocados—butter basically masquerading as a fruit. But this baby marches to the beat of her own drum, and that drum is anti-avocado. Oh well. You do you, baby girl. You do you.

Image via YouTube