To the person who dressed these baby goats in turtleneck sweaters: Bless you

It’s already Wednesday, and even though the week seems to be flying faster than normal (thank you, Memorial Day!), it’s, well, still only Wednesday. But guys —I’ve found the solution to make the best of our remaining work week. Four words: Baby. Goats. In. Sweaters.

Uploaded by Lil’Critters on YouTube, this clip shows baby goat triplets in some warm, enviable fuzzy turtleneck sweaters just chillin’ and then napping in a basket, as a baby goat (or three) does. According to Lil’Critters’ YouTube page (created by the owners of a small farm that goes by the name of “Denmans Critters“), these darlings were born to a mama goat named Naomi. You can actually follow the rest of the farm’s animal crew on their Facebook page.

Since those 24 seconds of baby goats went by a little too quickly, here are some gems from Denmans Critters’ Facebook page for you to enjoy. You’re welcome.

Let’s hop on pop (aka, Duchess the dog)

Let’s do some kissing, OK?

Peppa Lass and her half-sister are only the best sailors!

Peppa Lass wishes you a belated Memorial Day!

Peppa Lass is forced to babysit her little siblings, but don’t worry —playing dress-up always keeps kids occupied.

On a final note: On Wednesdays, we stare at baby goats sticking their tongues out at us. 

All images via Denmans Critters Facebook page