These baby goats dancing in pajamas will get you through hump day

If you need a little extra push to get you through the rest of Wednesday, let alone the rest of the week, may I present to you a baby goat dance party. Also, the goats are wearing little goat onesies, so be prepared to grin from ear to ear for the rest of the afternoon.

Aw no, come on that’s too cute to be legal.

These goats come to us from Sunflower Farms in Cumberland, Maine, and their names are Winifred and Monty. They’re three week old Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and according to the videos description it was a cold, rainy day, so why not dress the baby goats up in tiny little goat pajamas? They remind us, in fact, of the geniuses who dressed up little baby goats in turtleneck sweaters.

Goats: Way more dapper than you thought! In the video, Winifred (who I’m going to guess is in the strawberry ensemble) is very into the idea of jumping and playing around, and it takes Monty a while to join in on the fun. But soon, these kids are not only dancing, but racing back and forth across the barn, and I suddenly have the urge to buy a goat.

You can check out their whole pajama dance party below, and if this still isn’t enough of a baby goat fix, Sunflower Farms actually has a live goat feed. Also, you can see all the goats Basically, this means I’m going to be unreachable for the rest of the day, as I have a lot of baby goats to watch online.

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