This vintage baby girl name is officially the most popular one in 2016

Considering we’re all already, y’know…named, the fact that the most popular baby names list we get every year is something we’re utterly compelled to click on is a little inexplicable. Well, the most popular baby names of 2016 were just released, and things have definitely changed since the nineties when all girls were named Katie, Elizabeth, Samantha, or Sarah. (Not to knock Katies, Elizabeths, Samanthas, or Sarahs. They’re great names and we’re sure you kick ass.) Many of the names on this year’s list have a certain ~vintage~ feel, which we’re definitely crediting to the generation of nostalgia now being old enough to reproduce en masse.

The #1 most popular name for girls in 2016 is particularly old-fashioned sounding, and totally lovely: Sophia.

Definitely makes us think of Golden Girls at least a little bit, but it’s a pretty name for a little girl. The next few names (Emma, Olivia, and Ava) also have a certain classic feel to them, like they’re characters from Jane Austen novels or screen actresses before talkies.

We think it’s super interesting to think how older generations probably share more names in common with the most recent generation than those of us in the middle. Since it’s not uncommon for people to name their children after loved ones in their family, we’re not sure if the many vintage names are down to hipsters, or young people naming their daughters after their grandmothers.

According to Baby Center, here are the top 25 baby girl names this year:

  1. Sophia
  2. Emma
  3. Olivia
  4. Ava
  5. Mia
  6. Isabella
  7. Riley
  8. Aria
  9. Zoe
  10. Charlotte
  11. Lily
  12. Layla
  13. Amelia
  14. Emily
  15. Madelyn
  16. Aubrey
  17. Adalyn
  18. Madison
  19. Chloe
  20. Harper
  21. Abigail
  22. Aaliyah
  23. Avery
  24. Evelyn
  25. Kaylee

Welcome to the world all you Sophias, Emmas, Olivias, Evas, etc. We’re sure you’re gonna like it.