There’s a brand new baby giraffe at the Virginia Zoo (we got you covered with all the cutie-pie pics)

You guys, we’re in love, and no, it’s not with a dreamy movie star or an angel-voiced musician. It’s with a
giraffe. More specifically, it’s with the baby Masai giraffe that was just born at the Virginia Zoo to proud giraffe parents Billy and Imara.

The little giraffe that has stolen our hearts doesn’t have a name yet, but we’ve got all the other stats: the baby boy giraffe is the fifth calf born to mom Imara weighs in at 152 lbs. and stands at 75 in (in other words, just over six feet, though the little guy can be expected to stand at 18 feet tall when fully grown). Also he was walking just a few hours after birth (baby giraffes, you guys, such overachievers).

“We are keeping a close watch on mom and baby,” Dr. Amanda Guthrie told WKTR. “So far the baby looks healthy, Imara is an experienced and attentive mother and we’re optimistic that she’ll do a great job.”

The Virginia Zoo is big-time celebrating the birth of their yet-to-be-named little giraffe dude, and it’s not just because this little guy is all kinds of cute and sweet. No, as Time reports, this birth ” is significant for the giraffe population in North America, which is just over 100.”

Okay, you guys have been patient, good job, let’s reward that patience with cute pictures!


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