This 8-month old baby genius can play every rock and roll instrument

Maybe I’m showing my age, but it seems like boy band members are getting younger and younger. I mean, Harry Styles just turned 21 this past February — please imagine one thousand grandma emojis to represent how that makes me feel. Of course, our age difference doesn’t stop me from appreciating Harry’s talent/bone structure, and it also doesn’t stop me from appreciating the newest, even younger musical talent on the YouTube scene.

Meet Jonah Penna. He’s eight months old and already playing every baby-sized instrument he can get his adorable chubby hands on. In his latest music video, “Baby Band,” the mini-Mozart rocks out on a guitar, a piano, drums—even a cello—while giggling and drooling in the cutest way imaginable. Even Harry Styles can’t compete with that amount of sweetness.

Jonah appears to be a one-boy band, but the video was actually orchestrated by his dad, YouTuber, MysteryGuitarMan, who gained notoriety in 2009 for impressive guitar songs created with stop-motion editing. According to BuzzFeed Life, Jonah’s dad donned a black Spandex suit to blend in with the background and assist the baby rock star with his moves. Apparently Jonah thought his dad’s outfit was hilarious. What a professional!

At the end of Jonah’s song, his mom and dad join him to address the audience, his adoring fans. While the teeny prodigy squirms, clearly ready to get working on his next album, MysteryGuitarMan announces that Jonah now has his own YouTube channel, all to himself. It will mostly be parental vlogging for now, but it would be fabulous to witness more of Jonah’s musical journey. Who knows, in nine years, he might be the founding member of Two Directions.

Check out the full video here:

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