Baby Foot just launched a box set so you won’t have to worry about gremlin feet

Baby Foot has blessed us with a limited-edition Baby Foot box that has everything we need to get our hooves ready for sandal season.

The weirdest, arguably most effective foot peel on the market has quite a cult following. Baby Foot devotees will be delighted by these two bundles of pedicure-perfecting accouterments.

After getting your tootsies soft as any part of a baby, you’ll want to keep them Pampers, er, pampered. The Baby Foot Summer Bundles each come with a set of booties, a bottle of nail polish, massaging flip-flops, and a sterling silver anklet.

The Summer Bundle is just $85, a $135 value if items are sold separately.


This is a serious bargain, and your feet deserve it! Why not treat the part of your body that works so hard to get you from point A to point B?

The two boxes come in either pink or blue, which we’re sure has nothing to do with gender norms, even if the word “baby” is in the product name. (Congrats! It’s a…foot.)

Just floppin’ around!

A pair of self-massaging flip-flops from FlopZ aren’t your typical nail salon ‘flops. They typically retail for $39 and are available in Small, Medium, or Large.

Pink Bundle, $85

Each bundle contains a bottle of LVX nail polish from their Summer 2017 collection. Seychelle for the pink….

Blue Bundle, $85


And Camellia for the blue!  Also included is a sterling silver starfish anklet from Sterling Forever. It’s perfect for off-duty mermaids who are walking around on their…what’s that word again?

Buy the Limited-Edition Baby Foot Summer Bundles for $85 each on