A herd of elephants help a baby elephant stuck in a waterhole and it’s too sweet

Teamwork makes the dream work. Teamwork is also what gets the baby elephant un-stuck from the muddy watering hole that it’s fallen into. Grab something to cuddle and hold tight, and maybe a box of tissues, too. What your about to see brings a whole herd of FEELS.

What we’ve got here is a video from Wild Wings Safaris, and what they’ve managed to record is a video of a male baby elephant who has fallen into a watering hole. We don’t know how he fell in, but it was probably a case of his Mom Elephant telling him not to get too close to the edge, and he did anyway, because kids. So in he tumbled, and now his short little legs can’t get up over the edge of the pool.

The little guy is trying to not freak out TOO much about being stuck, but he’s totally freaking out. He can’t get a grip on the edge of the mud to lift himself out, and the older elephant with him can’t get her trunk around his body to hoist him out. What is an elephant to do??

Call for backup, of course, in the form of a few more mom elephants. Wild Wings Safaris notes in the video’s description that the elephants that come to the rescue are female, and it appears like they’ve un-stuck a few baby elephants in their day. With a little push, he’s free!

And then as the baby elephant begins to run away with the herd, he immediately trips over his own legs and falls. Check out the video below, and someone’s gotta keep a close eye on him from now on.

(Image via Shutterstock)