NBD, just a baby elephant taking a nap on this girl’s lap

A baby elephant sleeping on its own would have been cute enough. You guys. That would have been cute enough. But no, we go into cuteness overdrive with this baby elephant taking a nap on this girl’s lap while she strokes the little pachyderm’s head and hums “River Lullaby” from Prince of Egypt (You know, the hauntingly beautiful “Hush now, my baby” song Moses’ mother sings to him just before she sets him floating down the river in a basket of reeds.)

The sweet calf is just laying its head and front legs on his BFF’s lap, and knowing that this young elephant weights at least 200 pounds, it’s a good thing the baby kept most of its weight on the ground during its very awesome-looking nap.

As the Daily Mail reports, this nap to end all naps took place at the Chai Lai Orchid Nature Bungalows, an eco-travel resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As Chai Lai Orchid explains on its Facebook page, “Allie has lived with this little ele since the day she was born 3 weeks ago and as you can see they have a special bond.” Chai Lai is currently crowdfunding to rescue the 11 elephants who work across the river from Chai Lai, clocking in 14-hour-days transporting tourists in baking hot conditions. With the funds they raise, the eco-resort plans to build a sanctuary for the elephants. 

Check out the 30 seconds of cute below:


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Image via YouTube