We are mesmerized by this sweet little baby who looks exactly like Ed Sheeran

We’ve seen many celebrity doppelgängers, but very few are quite as close to the real thing as this adorable kid who looks exactly like Ed Sheeran. Like, we’ve read about all the times that Rupert Grint gets confused for Ed Sheeran and just goes along with it. (And incidentally, his Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe often gets mistaken for Elijah Woods…) But we have to say, so far as lookalikes go, Rupert Grint ain’t got nothing on this kid.

We hope Ed Sheeran isn’t offended by this (we love you, Ed), but this baby could walk on stage and if we had bad enough concert seats, we would totally believe it was Ed Sheeran.

Obviously, the whole “playing guitar and singing”-thing would prove challenging, but let’s not take the fantasy that far, eh?

The baby’s name is Isla Watson, and apparently, her similarities to Ed Sheeran get pointed out all the time, according to her Aunt Stacey.

"Everyone comments saying how shes [sic] a mini Ed, and I call her baby Sheeran," her aunt tells the SunOnline, "She loves his music, tries to sing along to the words and has a dance.

We hope that Isla grows out of the nickname “Baby Sheeran” before she gets old enough to be a little annoyed at being compared to the singer-songwriter, but right now, it’s pretty adorable. Unfortunately, she’s going to miss the margin of being a genderbending Ed Sheeran impersonator based solely on the massive age difference, but for this moment, we hope she’s enjoying her stardom.