Our weekend jam is here, and it’s this “Baby Driver” remix

As if we needed one more reason to get excited for the insanely action-packed, star-studded film that is Baby Driver, music producer Mike Relm just gave us another with a super-cool remix.

Relm created a remix of the trailer, which jumbles up sounds, scenes, and beats from the upcoming film to create one seriously epic, visually arresting piece.

There’s Ansel Elgort driving, Kevin Spacey (sort of) rapping, and Jon Hamm — well he’s just standing there, but even that’s enough for us.


If you can’t stop jamming out to this, you’re not alone.

Some of the cast and crew of Baby Driver have already tipped their hats to Relm over Twitter for putting together such an amazing musical creation.

It’s really only fitting that Baby Driver would get it’s own remix because the story is actually something of an action musical. The film revolves around a getaway driver named Baby (Elgort), who’s constantly listening to tunes.

But, don’t expect it to be a musical in the traditional sense. Edgar Wright, who directed and wrote the film, told Collider that it’ll be much more subtle than that.

"It’s not like a film where anybody sings out loud, but it’s taking things that are in Scorsese or Tarantino or Soderbergh films and in those films you have the jukebox kind of soundtrack and the idea with this is that the lead character is actually playing those songs," he explained. "So the songs are always sourced, they’re either in his ears or playing in a diner or playing on a stereo."

Excuse us while we put on some shades, re-listen to this remix, and pretend we could ever drive with nearly as much swagger.