Even the Pope laughed at this baby dressed as the Pope

If you haven’t been living under a really heavy rock this past week, you’re probably aware that Pope Francis was in America. He was in the U.S. for six jam-packed days, visiting Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia. The Pope’s visit garnered lots of attention from the media, from Catholics and from pretty much every other human who happened to be in the vicinity of where he was visiting (or in the vicinity of a news outlet).

Since this was Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States, to say that people were excited about his visit is an understatement. Thousands of people waited outside on the streets for days just to catch a glimpse of his motorcade. Many bystanders received personal blessings from Pope Francis if they happened to be in the right place at the right time.

But one adorable baby who received a kiss from the Pope is who people are talking about most. Why? Because she was dressed as a tiny, baby Pope, and that’s just adorable.

When the real, adult Pope saw her, he stopped the Popemobile to have the baby brought over to him to kiss, but not before he burst into a fit of laughter. One of the Pope’s security men took the baby out of the mom’s hands, and the baby didn’t even cry! The baby totally knew.

We’re so happy it went the way it did, because we all know that when a total stranger is wearing the same outfit as you, things can get a little awkward. But since the Pope is the Pope, awkward isn’t in his vocabulary (not even in Spanish, probably). We love a Pope with a sense of humor!

(Featured image via Shutterstock)


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