Add this dancing baby Groot car charger to your holiday shopping list right now

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means soon you’re going to looking for *just* the right gift to get everyone on your shopping list. Depending on how long your list is, and how many people are on it, finding the perfect present might be tricky. So, ThinkGeek is here to help, and has just rolled out the best gift to give literally everyone on your list, young or old, male or female, sibling or grandparent, friend or frenemie: Buy everyone this baby dancing Groot car charger.

This is the definition of one-stop shopping.


ThinkGeek, one of our favorite retailers for all things geeky, cool, and awesome, has just released a brand new car charger that we need in our lives ASAP. Like their previous car characters — you know, the Death Star and BB-8 — this one plugs into your car, and can charge up to two devices on two USB ports.

But unlike the others, this one DANCES, all while making sure your phone has enough juice to make it across the galaxy.

The product description on ThinkGeek’s website reads:

"Have your phone charge to the cutest little floral colossus this side of the galaxy. The Marvel Groot USB Car Charger features the little guy in his tiny pot dancing around while he charges your phone or any other compatible device. Groot will stay nice and safe inside your cup holder, so, luckily, he won't need to make the ultimate sacrifice just so your phone doesn't die."

The baby dancing Groot charger retails for $39.99 which is a steal for how much happiness and enjoyment it’ll bring you, or the loved one you gift it to. But we will seriously not judge if you buy half a dozen of these, and keep five of them for yourself.