This baby cow lost its leg and is now best friends with a tortoise, so it’s fine

Once upon a time, an African spurred turtle named Leonardo was rescued from a Bangkok zoo by the Wildlife Friends Foundation. The Wildlife Friends moved him to a Rescue Center in Thailand to live happily ever after. But one day, Leonardo saw a baby cow with a prosthetic leg walking his way. The cow’s name was Simon. He’d lost his leg after being trapped in a vine.

Simon followed Leonardo everywhere, telling him the story about his leg, eating his meals and sharing his own, and even napping next to Leonardo.

Eventually, whether Leonardo like it or not, the two were inseparable. Even Leonardo now calls Simon his best friend.

The story sounds like a fairytale, but is actually 100% true.

The Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand says, “we decided to house [Simon] temporarily in a large open field enclosure within the WFFT Rescue Center where he could recover from his ordeal. We had then planned to move him into a field where we house two other rescued cows.”

But, they discovered the unlikely friendship between the cow and the tortoise before they could move him. And then they knew they just couldn’t separate these two.

“To the surprise of us all Simon the cow has formed a strong bond with the large tortoise Leonardo,” WFFT wrote on their website.

“They are often seen following each other around, sharing meals and resting together. We hope this unusual friendship continues to flourish.”

We do to. We’re counting on you, Simon and Leonardo!