One baby, 31 different Halloween costumes, endless joy

It’s that time of year when babies are stuffed into pumpkin-shaped onesies and paraded around without having a clue what is going on. Looking at tiny humans in ridiculous costumes is one of the many joys of Halloween and this year, we got a head start thanks to a tiny little man named Noah.

Three weeks ago, Noah’s mom, Jessica Chavkin, launched Noah’s Halloween Countdown, a Tumblr featuring Noah in a different costume everyday. It all started simply with a skeleton onesie. But now, with over 8,000 of Chavkin’s Instagram followers watching, the outfits have gotten more and more impressive.

Noah has swung from the vine as a little Tarzan, impersonated Tom Cruise (Top Gun and Risky Business), and channeled a troll doll—all thanks to mom’s creative DIY skills.  Chavkin uses costumes, props, baby blankets and little clothes to create the whimsical Halloween scenes.

She says her inspiration came from unadulterated excitement about her favorite things.

“Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Noah is my favorite thing ever, we are celebrating by counting down with a new costume every day until the big day. I hope that you are amused. I know we will be,” she said.

Oh, we’re amused. Check out some of the most incredible, imaginative, straight-up adorbs Halloween looks, as modeled by our new favorite dude, Noah.

Where’s Waldo Noah

Les Miz Noah

Oh my god, it’s Fruit Salad Noah

Charlie Brown Noah

Top Gun Noah

Monopoly Man Noah

Harry Potter Noah

And of course, Troll Doll Noah 

All images via Chavkin’s Tumblr.                 

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