This baby chipmunk trying to get comfortable is all of us only cuter

We’ve all been there. It’s a late night and all you want to do is get some good rest. But for some reason you can’t quite get comfortable. You stretch. You yawn. You reposition. Yet nothing can quite does the trick.

For humans, it can be frustrating. But if you’re a chipmunk, it’s absolutely adorable. Just take a look for yourself:Chipmunk getting comfy

There’s a reason this image is becoming so popular. He speaks to all of us, really, as he tries to find just the right position that will satisfy his sleep needs. This little guy’s cheeks puff out twice the size of his face as he attempts to yawn his way into becoming comfortable. He’s so obvious in his frustration and his fruitless attempts to find ease (despite the fact that he’s clearly on a soft bed or pillow), that you remember just how dramatic chipmunks can actually be.

Remember this little one who basically invented the viral video?


In short, next time you’re struggling to get comfy, just remember the plight of this little adorable chipmunk. He’s able to be expressive and and adorable though clearly insatiably uncomfortable. There’s much we can learn from animals and their cuteness. Let us never forget it.

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