This baboon is absolutely blown away by magic tricks

Magic tricks are tricky. Sometimes magicians are so good at doing magic, it’s hard for humans to comprehend how a trick is done, even though it’s being done right in front of them.

That’s exactly what happened to one very surprised/confused/impressed baboon. A man showed an inquisitive baboon a white card, and the baboon watched intently.


Then after a few quick hand movements and a silent abracadabra (probably), the card disappeared. And the baboon couldn’t even believe his own eyes.


He was in shock. If he could speak English, he definitely would have been like, “Whaaaaat? No waaayyyyy. How the…”

But then the white card reappeared and the baboon was in complete shock AGAIN. And all of it is so adorable and perfect.


The video is making its way around the Internet after recently airing on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Monkeys—they’re just like us (getting tricked by magicians forever).