And now, a bunch of babies dressed up as turkeys

Finding the right centerpiece for any occasion can be grueling, especially for a holiday like Thanksgiving, where the only centerpiece anyone REALLY notices is the food. Obviously there are two things that everyone is basically obsessed with on Thanksgiving: turkey and babies. So, why not combine the two for an adorably delicious centerpiece that everyone will want to eat, but won’t, because it’s a baby? That’s exactly what so many hilarious and devoted parents do each Thanksgiving. They dress their babies up as turkeys! And not just in regular adorable turkey costumes — actual on the table, ready to be carved turkey costumes. Apparently it’s a thing that parents do to their kids, and we support the cause. Babies may have other opinions.

Feast your eyes on the cuteness:

And here’s a dog dressed as a turkey to really drive home the adorable factor:

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