Aziz Ansari’s book trailer is charming and ’80s-infused

Aziz Ansari’s first book, Modern Romance, hits shelves on June 16, but the Parks and Recreation star gave audiences a little taste of his authorial debut with a book trailer that also serves as a parody for 80’s dating services. The pixilated video looks like it came straight off a VHS tape and features a handful of eligible bachelors awkwardly describing themselves to the camera.

Warning: mullets ahead.

“Hi, I’m Maurice,” one mustached man says. “I’m an executive by day and a wild man by night.”

Another confidently introduces himself and his best feature. “Hi, my name’s Monroe,” he says. “Uh, you probably already noticed that I have incredibly blue eyes.” It’s hard to tell if these guys are being genuine or if they are even in on the joke (especially because Maurice pronounces his w’s like Stewie from Family Guy and Monroe’s eyes appear to be brown).

Luckily, Aziz swoops in to explain. “As the bozos you saw earlier in this clip so painfully illustrated, finding love has never been easy,” he says over some vintage background Muzak. “And today’s romantic landscape is arguably even more daunting and strange than what the folks you saw earlier had to contend with.” Enter Aziz’s book, Modern Romance. Part humor, part social science, Modern Romance goes deeper than the personal observations about love that Aziz has included in his stand-up in the past.

The comedian teamed up with sociologist Eric Klinenberg to organize two years-worth of interviews and focus groups all over the world about current dating trends. Together, they also questioned academics working in fields like anthropology, sociology, social psychology, and economics. All of this information told through Aziz’s hilarious voice is going to be laugh-out-loud funny and seriously educational. Gotta love writing that has both jokes and substance.

Plus, if this fake 80’s dating profile is any indication of how fantastic this book is going to be, there’s no doubt that Modern Romance might be a contender for best read of the summer.

Time published a chapter of Modern Romance, which you can read here. Watch the full Modern Romance trailer below:

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