Aziz Ansari says Tinder is actually just like real life…and he’s kind of right

In two weeks, Aziz Ansari’s brand new Netflix show, Master of None, drops on the streaming site. I know!! Weren’t you just thinking about how you hadn’t binged anything in a while, and were feeling kinda sad about it? Well, Ansari is here to save the day with his semi-autobiographical tale of love and woe. This is on top of his newly-released book, Modern Romance: An Investigation, which also just happens to be about love and woe. There’s definitely a pattern here, and it’s that Ansari knows his love stuff.

So when Ansari speaks about love and dating, we should listen. In a new interview with Elle, he drops a few little truth bombs about online dating. One of them happens to be that Tinder is actually a lot like real life, and maybe we should stop picking on it so much.

By now it feels like everyone has tried Tinder, at least for a day. If you haven’t tried it, you at least know the concept behind it: pictures of people, you swipe right or left depending on if you want to “match” with them. It can get weird and creepy real fast. But, odd as it might sound, Tinder is kinda like how you meet and connect with people IRL. But with Tinder it’s all happening in the palm of your hand. As Aziz explains:

Oh. Now that he’s mentioned it, that does sound like what happens in real life. That’s how we form relationships with one another. There’s initial attraction, then a connection, and so on and so forth. But it’s nothing different from what might happen out in the real world. Of course, you can’t physically swipe left or right at a bar without things getting kinda weird.

Ansari’s new show debuts on November 6, and Master of None is sure to become one of our favorite new shows. Any more love advice will simply be an added bonus.

(Image via NBC.)