By the way, Aziz Ansari is leaving secret notes for his fans

If you’re flying through JFK in the near future, it could be worth your while to stop and check out copies of Aziz Ansari’s new book, Modern Romance. The comedian-author-and-actor we all want to be besties with posted a photo to Twitter earlier this month that’s got everyone who’s hanging around airports super excited.

Yup! Ansari has decided to pull a fast one and sign copies of his books when he’s chilling at the airport. But these hidden treasures aren’t marked with the big “Signed Copy” sticker that signals to super-fans that it’s a must-have. Instead, Ansari has a little surprise for unsuspecting readers.

Look closely, because the note might not be for just any fan. Ansari wrote one blurb to legendary Bulls player Scottie Pippen, and it wound up in the hands of Chicago resident Meghan Whalen.

And in case you’re wondering, Pippen is definitely going to be keeping an eye out for that book:

No word on other possible special inscriptions out there … at least yet.

Of course, Ansari isn’t the only author who likes to leave signed copies hanging around. Neil Gaiman also tweets about random airport shops where he’s left a few signed copies, and other writers often take a moment to sign a few as they fly through. So if you see a book by one of your faves hanging out in the gift shop, definitely check the cover for a little note!

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