This is why Aziz Ansari hates the term “foodie”

Aziz Ansari loves food, which isn’t really that notable on its own…but Aziz also loves sharing photos of his food on Instagram, which is one of the things we love most about him. But whatever you do, don’t call Aziz Ansari a “foodie,” because he is not a fan of the term. Hear him out.

Aziz is the latest celeb to answer 73 Questions for Vogue, and his love of all things food naturally came up quite a bit. He even knows how to say “I’m hungry” in six languages, proving that he’ll be able to find grub no matter where in the world he is. But he has strong feelings about the word “foodie” and we totally get it.

Aziz’s least favorite food trend?

He didn't mince words, telling Vogue he hates "the word 'foodie.' Stop it! People that like food shouldn’t get this weird fetish-y sounding thing. Call the people that don’t care what they eat 'food bozos.'"

Of all the food trends, from crazy milkshakes to avocado toast, it seems Aziz just isn’t down with being labeled for his love of lobster, and we’re fine with that. In 2015, he told The New York Post, “We’ve got to get rid of the word ‘foodie.’ [It] sounds so horrible. How come people that like good food have this weird word like they have some sort of fetish? I’m more puzzled by the people that will just eat anything — those are the weird people that need some sort of strange, derogatory nickname. I am a man of fine tastes and I enjoy a good meal and I think that’s totally acceptable.”

It makes a ton of sense, so we feel you, Aziz. We won’t call you a foodie, but please never stop sharing snaps of your glorious meals. That would make our pizza-loving hearts very, very sad.