Aziz Ansari is adorably insecure about his new TV show

If you didn’t have a crush on Aziz Ansari before, you will now, especially given how modest he is about his new Netflix show, Master of None, which premiered on Nov. 6. In case you haven’t seen the trailer, the comedy follows the journey of a 30-year-old Indian actor, Dev (Ansari, of course) trying to make it in New York—not only with his career, but in love, too. (And who among us can’t relate to that?!) On top of which, his traditional Indian parents make cameos in his life—and Ansari cast his actual parents for their first on-camera roles ever! (Who does that?!) Major authenticity points, Aziz!

Awkward sex, a broken condom, and a trip to the pharmacy for Plan B all occur in the first episode, making for real, yet funny, moments—the way life often is. The show is not only super relatable, but deals with sexism and racism, too, in a manner that is totally hilarious and never preachy.

Just like in his comedy specials (like Live at Madison Square Garden) and as Tom in Parks and Recreation, Aziz is just so darn likable in his new Netflix show. Reviewers think so, too. (I dare you to scour the Internet and find one who doesn’t like Master of None.) For example, “Master of None feels like a perfect distillation of Ansari’s best comedy,” said The Atlantic and “There’s a lot to be thankful for in November, especially when it comes to streaming content, including shows such as the Netflix original Master of None, which stars Aziz Ansari…” said CNN. So what does Ansari say about all the positive publicity?

“I feel like the show’s getting over-hyped at this point,” Ansari said to E! News at the premiere. “I’m not sure it’s this good. I hope there’s not a backlash!” Aww. Like we needed another reason to crush on him.

Ansari co-created the show with Alan Yang, a Parks and Recreation writer. (How can it not be funny then, right?) Each episode is a half-hour and can stand alone, though there is a storyline if you watch the 10 shows in order.

“I think what’s cool about the show is it doesn’t have the limitations of stand-up and you can really tell a story in it,” Ansari told E! News. “I think that’s what’s cool for me about being finally able to write and direct something and act in something that I was so creatively involved in.”

Now get thee to your Netflix account and get watching the show we all think is PERFECTLY hyped.

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