Awww, Kristen Bell *finally* shared a photo of her daughter!

When it comes to celebrity parents, there is a wide range of what people find acceptable when it comes to sharing their children’s lives and images. While some parents put their kids out there from the start, others are a little more reserved when it comes to sharing personal photos of family. Take actress Kristen Bell, for example, who shared a photograph of her husband and daughter swimming in Lake Michigan.

The photo, posted this Thursday, is captioned: "First daddy daughter swim in Lake Michigan-a right of passage for any Mitten baby."

Funnily enough, however, the shot is from far enough away that we can’t identify whether the daughter in question is the couples’s 3- year-old, Lincoln, or her 20-month-old, Delta. As Rebecca Macatte at E! points out, the depth perception gives us the notion that the people in the picture are really, really tiny and are fitting (literally) in the palm of Bell’s hand.

Personally, we think this photo is a cute way to share a family moment without giving strangers on the internet (like us) a little too much access into the details. Bell shares her sense of humor in her other Instagram posts, as well, making her seem super fun and relatable for fans. Just look at her poking fun at herself here:

And her “stealing lettuce” from a friend here:

And how could we forget how adorably starstruck she got seeing Shakira on the red carpet? We’re right there with you, Kristen.