Behold: The most awkwardly delightful engagement photos you will see on the Internet

Sure, a romantic, lovey-dovey movie is nice every now and then. I enjoy a good cry over The Notebook just like the rest of ’em. But there’s a reason why movies like Bridget Jones’s Diary get us so much in the feels — because love is awkward, messy, and involves insanely embarrassing flirting fails (as well as the “wobbly bits” moments we all have felt every now and then).

Just like movies, sure, we all enjoy our friends’ super adorable engagement pics involving a kiss in front of a gorgeous beach scene. But a couple’s engagement photos have been making the Internet collapse with laughter because they’re just so delightfully (intentionally) awkward in every single way.

Yesterday, Imgur user icanseeyou201 uploaded some of the magical pics, captioning them “My friends just got engaged; the photos are magical.”

Magical, indeed. OBSERVE THE HAND-HOVER:

Obviously, these pics were taken awkwardly on purpose, which makes them even better. Sadly, we don’t know much about this amazing couple IRL, but we’re 100% sure we’d like to be their friends. (Call us, guys.)

Let’s rehash: Giant fake mustache? Check. Rad ’80s dress circa 9 to 5? Check. Generally uncomfortable body language aided by the introduction of a clunky wicker chair? Check, check and more checks.

As one commenter pointed out “I’m pretty confident those shoulder pads are magical.” Another just wrote “#relationshipgoals.” Amen to that.

Congrats to the couple—we already know their wedding is going to be awkwardly awesome. We can’t wait for those pictures.

(Images via Imgur.)


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