There was an awkward moment on the Miss Universe pageant last night

We all make mistakes. For most of us, however, it probably doesn’t happen in front of the entire, I don’t know, universe. The Miss Universe pageant was last night, where women from across the globe compete for the most honorable title in pretty much the entire galaxy. Winning this award is a huge honor for the women who have worked so hard, and when Miss Colombia was handed the crown, she couldn’t have been happier. But then, something completely unexpected happened.

As deafening cheers shook the venue, host Steve Harvey walked onto the stage. “I have to apologize,” he began, and already, the entire mood in the room changed. He couldn’t possibly be about to say what we all feared, right? “The first runner-up is Colombia,” he continued. “Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines!”

The crowd once again went wild, but the room was still filled with confusion, especially as Miss Philippines tentatively walked across the stage to receive her crown—the crown that awkwardly had to be taken off the head of Miss Colombia and put onto Miss Philippine’s. Yikes, yikes, and once again, yikes.

“Listen folks, let me take control of this,” Harvey continued. “This is exactly what’s on the card. I will take responsibility for this. It was my mistake. The first runner-up is Colombia. Still a great night. Please don’t hold it against the ladies.”

While some are speculating that this was a publicity stunt, we just hope that all the women who competed, especially Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines, still feel proud of everything they’ve accomplished, despite this unfortunate mix-up.

Watch the cringe-worthy moment below!

(Image via YouTube)