All the ways being awkward actually makes you awesome

In all my years on this planet, much of that time has been spent hiding from, apologizing for, or ashamed of my awkward nature. If anyone can trip over nothing, mispronounce common words in conversation, or spill coffee everywhere (how did it get there?), it’s me. What some would consider shy or introverted at times is really just an uncertainty of whatever social situation I’m walking into and how I’ll fit in.

But thanks to characters who own their own brand of awkward like a boss (Liz Lemon, Jessica Day, Mindy Lahiri), and real-life celebs a’ la Jennifer Lawrence and Lena Dunham, I’ve decided the “food in the teeth, hole in the pants, accidentally washed my face with toothpaste” kind of awkward is who I am. Couldn’t avoid it if I tried. And with this acceptance, why would I ever want to be anything but me?

Truth is, everyone feels awkward or insecure at some point(s) in life: celebrities, authors and athletes you might think have it all together. Awkward is the new awesome for so many reasons. I’ve got proof.

You’re more self-aware (in a good way!)

When you’re having one of those days where your shirt button pops open at the absolute worst time or you just noticed your pants are, in fact, inside out and have been all day: don’t sweat it. You almost expect things like this to happen and when they do, it’s no biggie. There might be a slight embarrassment at first but once it’s over, you just fix it and move on. Bigger fish to fry, my friends.

 No one can top your crazy tales

Remember that time you fell off a bar stool in the middle of a crowded restaurant where your favorite band was dining after a show? If you weren’t so awkward, you might never have gotten to meet your favorite singer (who helped you up). Your awkwardness is fuel for the BEST stories around the campfire. Own it.

You make fab friends

You’re not interested in being the most popular person in the room, and it’s not just because of the social anxiety. Awkward people naturally make great friends because we’re so vulnerable and honest with every move we make; there’s no pretending here. Trust me! And if I ever catch you with toilet paper on your shoe, I’ll be right there to rip it off (because I’ve been there).

You’re a realist

What you see is what you get. There are no phony layers or plastic smiles. If I tried that, it would be even more awkward. The world is full of people but there is only one you. Don’t apologize for it. Ever.

What you see as awkward, others see as amazing

There have been many many times I’ve felt embarrassed by a situation while others viewed it as humorous or entertaining. They have a different perspective. Awkward doesn’t have to be a terrible thing, and, in fact, it’s something to be admired. It takes great skill to fall the way you do or laugh with that pitch. Chances are, the only one who’s thinking you’re awkward is you.

The next time you find yourself stressing over something you said or did just remember you’re not alone. Some of the greatest minds and talents view themselves as “awkward” and have the same insecurities you and I do. Steven Spielberg has been quoted saying “I never felt comfortable with myself, because I was never part of the majority. I always felt awkward and shy and on the outside of the momentum of my friends’ lives.”

My point? You’re awesome the way you are. Embrace the awkward!

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