Writer live-tweets awkward first date, hilarity ensues

Anyone who has ever dated has a few awkward encounters under their belts. If you date regularly and you’ve NEVER had a bad date, you are a statistical improbability, nay, an IMPOSSIBILITY, and you should donate your body to science (also, have us all over for a sleepover and tell us your secret to success while the cookies are in the oven and we’re cue-ing up Mean Girls).

Bad dates are just bumps along the way on the road to finding True Love, but sometimes we can feel alone in our dating disasters, and in doing so we forget that EVERYBODY relates.

That’s why we big-time heart Toronto-based writer Anne Thériault, who just happened to be a coffee shop right next to a couple who was having maybe the most awkward first date in recorded history (thanks Distractify, for the heads-up on this glorious batch of tweets).

Okay, yes, this doesn’t look GREAT for the guy, but, you know, first impressions are tricky, your nerves can mess with your ability to construct sentences awesomely, all that jazz.

Unfortunately, if he’s being this way because he’s nervous, he continues to be, you know, super-duper, mad-crazy, whoa-nelly nervous.

Oh dear, oh dear.

Oh dear times infinity plus one.

Of course, all awkward things must come to an end, and if the awkward thing in question isn’t ending on its own, sometimes you have to hurry things along a little.

A plausible excuse is really the kindest thing she could have done here, well played Anonymous Girl On A Supremely Awkward Date, well played,

So the next time you go on a date and you don’t, as Cher Horowitz would say, “mesh well,” solidarity, sister, you’re not alone, we who have survived the most awkward of dates and lived to tell the tale, we are legion.

For more of Anne Thériault’s hilariousness, follow her over here on Twitter.


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