This awkward dog in the pool is literally all of us at a party just wanting to go home

For an introverted extrovert like myself, the best part of parties is the exact moment I decide to go home. Not because I don’t like my friends or enjoy having a good time, but at a certain point, I’d just much rather be at home. In my sweatpants. With my dog.

And I think that’s more or less how one very awkward (and super lovable) dog felt while swimming in a pool filled with really excited dogs playing all around her.

Happy Tails in Norfolk, VA posted a video to their Facebook page that shows Beya, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, standing on her hind legs, really ready to leave the party. And I have never related to a dog more.

Chesapeake Bay retrievers are known to love the water, and according the post, Beya loves to swim — she just wasn’t feeling it at that exact moment.

I totally get it, Beya.

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