This awful bumper sticker is a sad reminder that homophobia is very much alive this election

Because this presidential election clearly isn’t bad enough — between, you know, running commentary on sexual violence, constant stress, and nonsense debates — there’s a new thing to be mad about: a bumper sticker. Yep, people are still using bumper stickers as a way to remind the world of their bigotry, and this Trump supporter’s bumper sticker pissed off a lot of people. Why? Because it featured a Confederate flag figure kicking a rainbow flag figure right in the stomach. In a word, the homophobic bumper sticker is TERRIBLE, and also terrifying, especially in our current context.


Apparently, the bumper sticker was originally sold on, but it’s since been taken down. Still, the idea that this sticker was available for any amount of time is messed up. So not okay, you guys.

The internet was NOT happy about it.

And rightfully so. In a country where members of the LGBTQ+ community (especially trans women) continue to be attacked for their identities, it’s seriously not okay to promote violence against queer folks.

However, some are pointing out that the site also had the opposite available.


Which is also kind of gross. Like, come on, guys. Do we really need to show our opinions via bumper sticker battle? Can we move on from this bizarre phenomenon, please?