11 awesome tech gift deals you should look out for on Black Friday

With less than a week until Thanksgiving, we’ve already started planning for our holiday shopping. After the big day of eating, it’s time for Black Friday shopping, where we can find some of the best deals on gifts. And we all know deals on tech gifts are awesome on Black Friday. Because those gifts are often pricey, we’ll take all the deals we can get. Plus, there’s always a new, cool, innovative gadget that will make an awesome present for your friends and family. We’ve collected some of the top Black Friday tech deals, so you’re ready to shop.

1. Target gives you FREE iPhone 7 if you sign up for a phone plan with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon.


Wow, that’s a great deal. Now, Target won’t just hand people an iPhone. The deal comes in the form of a $250 Target Gift Card that covers the cost of the phone.

2. Amazon offers $40 off their revolutionary Amazon Echo.


The voice-activated technology is incredibly advanced, and it’s the kind of new toy that every tech geek needs. The Amazon Echo typically retails for $180, but on Black Friday, you can get it for $140.

3. Amazon will offer great deals on their Amazon Fire Tablets.


Amazon is known for great deals on its tablets around the holidays. The Kindle Fire HD 8 will only be $60 (originally $90) and the Kindle Fire will only be $33 (originally $50).

4. Film photographers can rejoice, because Best Buy will offer Instax cameras for $10 off.


The popular Instax camera shoots modern Polaroid-esque film prints that are great for more artistic photographs. Best Buy typically sells the Instax for $70, but on Black Friday it will only be $60.

5. Best Buy will offer Bose earbuds for only $40.


These high-quality earbuds are an excellent replacement for the standard ones, and at only $40, they’re a great tech gift for any budget.

6. Walmart will help with fitness resolutions by offering the Fitbit Charge 2 for $20 off.


The Charge is the Fitbit wristband technology that counts steps and stairs climbed, but also tracks heart rate to help keep you in shape. The Charge normally retails for $150, but on Black Friday, you can get it for $130.

7. Amazon will offer the Nest Learning Thermostat for $200.


This hi-tech thermostat learns the temperatures you like to keep your home ideal. Amazon normally sells the Learning Thermostat for $250, but on Black Friday it will be available for $200.

8. Best Buy will have the Garmin Forerunner GPS running watch for $80 off.


This multi-functional watch is great for runners and athletes of all kinds. The watch normally retails for $330, but Best Buy will be offering it for $250 on Black Friday.

9. Listen in style with $120 off popular Bose Solo 2 Headpones.


There won’t be any wires to tie you down with these Bluetooth connective headphones from Bose. Typically, they retail for $240, but on Black Friday, Target will offer them for $119.

10. Watch all the awesome movies and TV shows you want with a Roku Streaming Stick for only $36. 


The Roku Streaming Stick is a great portable streaming device that is definitely easy on the budget. Plus, Best Buy will be offering the Streaming Stick for only $36, when it originally retails for $50.

11. Rock out throughout the holidays with this Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Speakers.


For all those moments when you need to play your favorite new jam for the room, this Bluetooth speakers normally retail for $200, but on Black Friday Target will offer it for $150.

Check out these deals, so you’re better prepared for the shopping melee to come.

Hope you find all your great tech gifts on Black Friday.

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