The awesome perks of being tall (according to a short person)

A lot of times, when relating to bodies, people see greener grass on the other side. I, however, am too short to look over the fence and see greener grass, or anything on the other side, for that matter. (For all I know, you could be growing succulents.)

But since I wrote an article a few months ago about the benefits of being short, I realized that, in the spirit of helping people see the positives in every situation, it was time to write an article about the positives of being tall. I mean, just because I am happy being short doesn’t mean there aren’t times when I envy tall people for their. . . tallness (this is sort of a foreign word for me).

Here are a few abilities you (as a tall person) have that are especially amazing to me:

1. You can reach the boxes on the top shelf at the grocery store

Not only can you be independent in your trek for unsalted, whole almonds (or whatever top-shelf worthy product your heart desires), you can also be a goddess of helping (short) people reach these types of goodies.

2. You can see over peoples’ heads in a theater

Aside from the fact that you have to be careful about blocking short peoples’ views, is this not the best thing ever? Even if you’re late, and have to take a seat in the back of a theater, you can still see. Consider me in awe.

3. You can rock at volleyball

You’ve heard this before, I know, and maybe you aren’t actually interested in volleyball. But you can if you wanted to, and that’s something.

4.  You can climb trees with high branches

I love trees. And you, tall person, are lucky, because you have the ability (again, if you were to, hypothetically, want to) climb trees with tall branches or short branches. That’s some pretty seriously cool stuff, right there.

5. You can run/ walk farther and faster

Because you are tall, you have longer limbs, including legs. And longer legs make your strides bigger, which allows you to be fast without trying as hard. Again, pretty cool stuff.

6.  You can wear maxi dresses

Anyone can wear anything they’d like to wear. But I simply never have the desire to wear maxi dresses due to the fact I feel slightly (okay, more than slightly) like I’m drowning in them. And you can wear any length of skirt you want without feeling this way.

And so, that concludes this list. Any additions? Share them in the comments below!

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