The awesome female-fueled ‘Ghostbusters’ is here—sort of

Paul Feig recently confirmed that the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot would “star hilarious women!” He also confirmed that Mindy Kaling is a psychic genius (although we already knew the genius part). Can Mindy just be the new Peter Venkman already?

Bill Murray, Venkman himself, also gave his blessing prior to Feig’s announcement. In an interview with the Toronto Star, Murray discussed the girl power cast he hoped to see:

“Melissa [McCarthy] would be a spectacular Ghostbuster. And Kristen Wiig is so funny–God, she’s funny! I like this girl Linda Cardellini [Mad Men] a lot. And Emma Stone is funny. There are some funny girls out there.”

Well, move over Paul, because it looks like another ghost-fighting girl group is in town.  A group of tween girls from Lynn Middle School recently created a shot-for-shot remake of the original Ghostbusters trailer starring themselves — with male fill-ins for Janine and Dana! Their Janine is still fabulous, by the way.

GhostBOSters Trailer from Real To Reel on Vimeo.

The middle schoolers worked with non-profit Raw Art Works to make the short as part of their Reel to Reel film program.

To see how close the girls got, watch the trailers side by side and be amazed:

GhostBOSters Trailer Split Screen Comparison from Real To Reel on Vimeo.