This awesome cereal café will serve you breakfast in bed

Sometimes, an idea comes along and you have to wonder why no one else thought of it first. Sometimes the idea is so simple and so genius, that it leaves the rest of the world kicking themselves for not getting to it sooner. That’s the first thought that went through our minds when we heard that a new awesome café was opening across the pond in London — a cereal café.

Irish twin bros Gary and Alan Keery opened the first cereal spot, cleverly titled Cereal Killer Café, in December of last year. The concept is pretty simple: You go, you treat yourself to a bowl of cereal from any number of possibilities, and you revel in the nostalgia as you remember all the times you gorged on that sugary-sweet stuff as a kid. (Maybe you still even do now!)

The brothers second cereal location just opened in Camden, and it’s safe to say this place is a blast from the past, start to finish. The façade of the building is covered in old VHS tapes, and once you go inside, prepare yourself for a dining experience unlike anything else. For one, there aren’t just tables and chairs to sit at — you can actually enjoy your cereal from the comfort of a bed. That’s right — there are beds inside this place!

At the new and improved Cereal Killer Café, you can choose from over 120 cereals, 30 types of milk, and 20 different toppings! That’s a lot of possibilities for chowing down. Not to mention the beds aren’t the only awesome part about this place. It also comes equipped with TVs so you can watch any number of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons. And yep, there are definitely some old-school arcade games in the corner.

According to an interview with Time Out London, the Keery brothers already have a new project underway, a cookbook. We’re wondering if it would be possible to get them to turn this concept into a franchise. The idea of tucking in with a bowl of cereal and watching Sabrina, the Teenage Witch is pretty much perfect.

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