Gabriela Herstik
August 28, 2017 2:56 pm

Okay, okay, we know the saying is technically “blondes have more fun” — but we like to say it should be “mermaids have more fun.” After all, who enjoys life more than our favorite mystical siblings, who spend time combing their long, luxurious hair and wearing the prettiest sea treasures? Even if you can’t live in the ocean full-time, you can still channel the ethereal nature of these beings through your clothing choices. For instance, Gal Gadot unleashed her inner siren at last night’s VMAs, reminding us that the mermaid trend isn’t over until we say so.

And honestly, you’ll probably never hear us say that.

Lester Cohen/ Getty

Clad in a sheer, ocean-blue Prabal Gurung dress with giant sequins that look more like rainbow fish scales than anything, Gal Gadot could have been a mermaid at last night’s awards show…you know…minus the legs part.

We love the modest cut of this gown, too. With its short sleeves and below-the-knee hem, the sheer body and shining metallic accents really stand out. Metallics scream mermaid, especially when they’re on someone as otherworldly as Gal.

Although Gal chose to keep her makeup simple (her signature), you can go full mermaid by wearing a metallic eye and a deep purple or blue lip. If there’s ever a chance to embrace the sea, it’s when you’re wearing a shimmery dress in watery hues. Oh, and adding plenty of shiny accents is a must for all our merbabes out there.

So go ahead, channel your inner siren. You’ll be feeling like a mermaid out of water in no time.