Supportive siblings—we love to see it!

Hedy Phillips
Mar 02, 2021 @ 9:58 am
Jason Sudeikis
Credit: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank, Getty Images

When Jason Sudeikis popped up on the screen at the Golden Globes Sunday night wearing a tie-dye hoodie, the internet—of course—had a lot of thoughts. On one hand, it was totally understandable to call into a Zoom awards show wearing comfy clothes. Jodie Foster wore silk PJs, Bill Murray wore a Hawaiian shirt, so why not a tie-dye hoodie? On the other, people were unsure at his level of casual.

But it turns out the Ted Lasso star, who took home the trophy for his role in the Apple+ TV show, wore that tie-dye hoodie for a very calculated reason, and it has everything to do with his sister.

According to EW, Sudeikis shared in the press room after the show that his hoodie is a logo sweatshirt for his sister's dance space. "The hoodie is [Forward__Space], my sister's dance and workout space in New York. It's a nice hoodie as much as the message."

He continued, "I don't know if you have siblings, but when they do something that you believe in, you encourage them to do it and you don't refer to it as product placement." And when Sudeikis was further pressed about why he wore a hoodie for an award show, he answered, "I have a multitude of hoodies, I could have worn for a multitude of things I believe in and support. You know, this one seemed the most appropriate."

Like we said—Twitter was pretty much fully on board with hoodie Sudeikis from the get-go Sunday night...

...and now knowing there's a legit *sweet* reason behind the hoodie? Yeah, we're into it. Should you want a tie-dye hoodie of your own, you can preorder them from Forward__Space now for $110. They're doing an extra special limited run, no doubt because of the Globes buzz. We'll be grabbing one for our next lazy day, thanks!